Three for the House floor

Yeah, the pandemic is still very much restricting our clubbing life down to something only to dream about – but our craving for new house music still doesn’t stop.

Here’s three quite recent discoveries of quite different nature, and all well worth giving a spin. Have a great weekend!

Owt For Nowt – Need Me

First out is this frisky little electro charmer with massive old-school house vibes.

Owt For Nowt is from the UK and that’s about all I know about this gentleman – but what else do we really need to know anyway, while dancing to this little gem!

C-Stoff – Tuva Dance

This next track is one of my recent club track favourites, both cause it’s a cool track but also because the producer behind it is a real oldtimer.

C-STOFF aka Christoph Gracian Schubert is a German composer, music producer and DJ. His entry into the music business was already in 1976 as a musician in various new wave bands. This was followed by years as a studio musician and co-producer of various projects.

That leads up to now, he’s reached his 60s, and I gotta say, it’s so good to see another one still staying on the club scene despite our age.
High five, bro’!

Sebastian G Clarke – Frequent

And to round this session off, here’s something quite different again as we this time enter my current favourite part of the clubbing landscape: The progressive/deep house sphere.

Here’s a dreamy, progressive, deep and floaty creation from the US of A.
A lovely, reserved groove that never ignites our hips, but is equally suitable for lounge sessions as well as for the dance floor.

That’s one of the things I like about these kinds of tracks – they are so inclusive, regardless if you like hanging in the bar or show off your latest moves.

It’s just a good vibe going.

All three are found on our Spotify playlist “It’s House Music“, where a rather wide range of house tracks are collected, all with the common denominator in being really good at what they do. House music FTW!