Chillin’ all over the world

I want to take you on a downtempo ride today, despite it being Saturday and all.
… Yeah, I know. Wild.

And the tracks today are from three locations that’s almost as far from each other that’s physically possible to get: USA, South Korea and Australia!

Sethadelik – Archaic Technologies

The American artist Sethadelik offer a seductively bass-focused affair that really shakes our subwoofer. Lots of air in the arrangement makes the individual parts really shine.

And what an intriguing combination of a quite “hard”/clubby bass in such a laid-back arrangement of mild bells and bird song.
A wonderful and very effective contrast!

Quite frankly I think I could have had this bass line running for hours. That’s how juicy it is.

Rino – Disparity

Australia next!

Starting out as a quiet, solitary piano introduction, it soon attracts more elements. The soundscape gets brimmed with life as it heads towards the Deep House district. Favourite grounds here at Beatradar.

Brimmed with the good life. A happy life. Uplifting, good vibes. A nice contrast to what 2020 has been so far. We all deserve an escape into this track for a while.

Lisofv – A Mercy Bill

And we’re off to South Korea for this next track. While it’s not the first time we visit this exotic land here on Beatradar it still is quite a rare experience – and highly appreciated.

A more jazzy affair this time around, with a lovely laid-back beat and gorgeous string instruments taking centre stage.
Very cinematic, utterly melodic and just perfectly chilled.

All three tracks are found on our diverse yet wonderfully coherent Spotify playlist “The Beach Lounge“, where we collect only the finest downtempo tracks as we discover them. We seriously think you should follow it today and use it as you main source for good vibes. Like, seriously.