Deep Lounge Weekend

No wonder we so often return to Deep House at this blog – with the constant stream of great new releases emerging from the depths. Here’s three of them.

Groove Horizon – Too Old for this Shit (Do It Vox)

This first pick of mineis a lovely, deep/progressive crossover of a track that I do imagine will appeal to a wider audience than the diehard deep house fans due to being so melodic – but never overdoing it, in my opinion. And the lovely chopped samples sprinkled over it creates such a wonderful atmosphere – don’t you agree?

This is one of those tracks where the more you play it the more into it you get.
A fantastic debut by this Portuguese DJ.

Nanokosmos, Maureen, Jan Riepshoff – Uncertainty Principle (Jan Riepshoff Remix)

We’re off to good old Germany for this next find, a collaboration bweteen no less than three acts. A deep wobbling bass enters the stage on this deep groover, and sticks with us throughout. I love how it just lurks there, never breaking out into a frenzy, just hovering quietly down there.

The progression in this track is lovely, controlled and diciplined. And when the vocal phrase enter the soundscape we’re at a point where we again can conclude that we have a nother track that leans towards the progressive side of things.

Not that we mind. Not one bit. A prog/deep crossover is the best of two worlds, as far as I am concerned.

Augusto Meijer – Night Watcher

We’re staying all European in this session as we end up in Netherlands.

A classic Deep House groove of the finest order. A lovely house organ is setting the groove here, and the looped samples provides that hypnotic vibe that makes us just dissolve into the music.

But Augusto, we miss seeing you on Spotify!

Night Watcher” doesn’t seem to be on Spotify, but the other two are sitting right at the top of our excellent Deep House playlist, “The Deep Lounge”. A list I’m really starting to be proud of now – it’s a bloody good collection of tracks!