Experimental electronica: The predictably unpredictable

Let’s have some midweek madness as I dip my toe into the most experimental, alternative and creative parts of the electronica map!

Manifest Sons – Get Right Right Now

Some tracks are just so VISUAL. This is one of those. I don’t want to see the music video for this track, as it can’t possibly beat the visuals rolling in my head while listening.

It’s also a quite retro track, I get 80s vibes aplenty. Like a step child of early Thompson Twins and Talking Heads. Very accessible while still having an undeniable experimental vibe to it.

Too accessible, you say? Well then, chew on this:

Mountain Hawk – Frog In Water Tank

I put forth to you: “Frog In Water Tank”. A piece consisting of several parts, or movements. Partially unchained scenes from the mind of the Japanese lady Mountain Hawk.

We are of course well off the electronica highway now, and we could call this the scenic route: What an experience!

And we’re staying in Japan for one more:

Serph – Palmtop Tiger

I’ve always been so fascinated by sliced vocal samples. I just love it, it’s so cool.

And here I get exactly what I want – in spades. Multiple spades. Bucketloads. In fact, one could say that this entire track is built on fragments. Glorious, chaotic, colourful and melodic fragments.

There’s something just so undeniably and utterly seductive Japanese with this track. I dig every single minute of it.

It’s just so… Charming! Don’t you agree?

The first track doesn’t seem to be avaliable anywhere else than on Bandcamp, but the other two are added to our quite fatnastic Spotify playlist “The Electronica Outskirts”, where we collect all the best experimental and utterly creative creations as we find them.
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