Experimental, post-apocalyptic vibes

Earlier this week I introduced a new genre here on Beatradar, Nu Jazz. And now I’m at it again, pushing the concept of the blog even further with tracks that are simply best described as “experimental”.

The background story is that the platform I use for submissions, Submithub, has introduced a new genre, “experimental electronic”. And curious as I am I had to subscribe to that genre too and see what popped up.
As a result of that exploration here’s two tracks that really intrigued me.

These are not for the dance floor or the chill lounge. But dayyyymn, they are trippy as F. And properly underground, of course.

Noooodle King – Reflection

Welcome to a world so dark, gritty, disjointed and greasy. The dirty bass synth found here, well that one alone sold me on this track.

As it stumbles forth through the well past four minutes duration it twirls, builds, breaks down, and crawls like a rusty, mechanical animal through deterioated city streets. And I’m loving every minute of it!

Wolfwithouteeth – War on carousel

I feel we’re still in that post-apocalyptic universe depicted above, but now we’re heading inside with this next track. To an underground lounge, where an alternative cyberpunk band is jamming in the corner.

Twisted metal, corrupted circuitry and equally corrupted minds. That’s what I hear here.
This is the soundtrack for a futuristic, apocalyptic world. My world.

Both are added to a list of ours that’s stayed dormant for too long; The Electronica Outskirts, where the leftfield and experimental creations are given the focal point. Time to revive that list!