Feelgood Jazz For The Masses

Some real loungy and laid-back jazz grooves on the menu today. Pure silk. Easily accessible. These are three tracks also suitable for those who are not yet a part of the jazz crowd.

Tronikk – Up Close Like a Fender Rhodes

Swedish Tronikk is a nu jazz soul outfit bringing together modern cut and paste music making techniques with real playing by great musicians.

And it was the vocals that won me over here. Instantly. I was like, “approved!”. In my head swirls an imaginary house remix of this one, done by good old Fatboy Slim. It’s the kind of vocals he typically featured for in his productions.

But of course, the track is so much more than just the vocals. The Rhodes sounds like a Rhodes should. The arrangement, so silky smooth. And the overall vibe of this track is just so sharp dressed cool.

There’s various degrees and types of cool, but hovering above all that we find the jazzy kind of cool.

Jakspin & Harrison Smith – One for Roy

German producer Jakspin and Australian jazz horn player Harrison Smith joined forces on this jazzy lofi track.

Great horn, organ and piano play bouncing off each other, melting together in this lovely, chill affair. And thus, it just fits so well in the mix with the other two tracks of today.

Pure balm for the mind.

Albany Park – Heartstrings

This is a good day at the jazz joint. The arrangement is so light and full-on feelgood. With all the nice little details in the arrangement that we expect from good jazz productions, like the bass “solo” sequence. So rumbling.

And the melodic guitar play on top, tieing the track smoothly together. An accessible track that should work well in most lounges and beach settings alike.

What a lovely way to end this jazz session!

All three are found on our delicately jazzy Spotify playlist, simply named “ny jazz / Jazztronica”. A really fine selection to be found there, if we are to be honest about it!