Future Beach Lounge Vibes

There’s so much I want to achieve in life. And one of those things is to find the perfect location and open a beach club. Off the tourist areas, this should be one more secluded place, for those who know. Always a free table, never hectic.

And there I’ll play all the chill vibes I’ve found during these years with the blog while I serve my guests and have a chat over the bar table. Tracks that the guests very likely hear for the first time.
It will happen.

But in the meantime, here’s three examples of what you’d hear when stopping by for a drink or a swim at the small beach my bar is connected to.

Adrian – Cannelle

A lovely, lofi vibed track of pure beach club excellence. And I just so totally love the treatment done to the vocals here. Great vocals in itself, but only make more unique with this heavily EQed, slightly overdriven processing.

This is a track one can play over and over and over. I know, cause I’ve just done so.

Colibris – All Over The Place

Next up is a synth affair that takes us somewhere else sonically, but still within a landscape compatible with our imaginary Beach Lounge.

Maybe for a bit later in the afternoon, as we fresh from the beach order our first drink.

Trophy Boyfriend – Remotion

I have to round this off by visiting the jazzy world. There’s just so, so much great nu jazz/jazztronic around that fits our Beach Club perfectly, and here’s one example of that.

What sounds like a weather forecast sounds to be rolling in the background. I so love those kinds of details added to a production! And how about that band name? 😀

I hereby promise you all a personal invitation to the Beach Club once it’s up and running! In a 10-15 years time. We plan for the long haul here.

The first track doesn’t seem to be on Spotify, but the latter two are added to our excellent “Beach Lounge 2020” playlist, where we collect all the tracks worthy for a properly exclusive beach bar soundtrack.