Put’em Jazz hands in the air!

As a lover of jazz music for quite a few years it is a cardinal sin that I’ve never really ventured into checking out the electronic jazz genres. “Why bother, when I love the real thing”, is what my ignorant self thought.

But while discovering downtempo tracks for our “Beach Lounge” playlist I randomly stumbled across tracks that had a distinct jazzy feel to them. And I’ve loved’em.
And now I’ve finally taken the step to look properly into the Nu Jazz and Jazztronica genres. And what a wonderful world of music that unfolded.
So from now on you may expect a weekly flow of jazzy beats from me!

This week I share with you three with a classic jazz feel. Next week I have for you three that has a more contemporary/modern jazz vibe.

Stereo Fear – Groove on Thru

Starting off with this sweet stroller of a track. Happy, positive and very retro vibes.

I especially enjoyed the good drum track and piano play here. Such a sweet, sweet jive who in my opinion could well kept going for at least one more minute.

Pablo Ojeda – Mellow Groove

Next up is a more mellow but funky atmosphere delivered by the established American artist Pablo Ojeda, a funding member of the band Rubberneck. For the first time Pablo has released a six song EP of all original music written, performed, and recorded by himself while in quarantine.

Glamaticus – Paper Skies

To round off this very first dedicated nu jazz post on Beatradar, the honour goes to the South Afracan band Glamaticus and their highly dreamy, floaty and utterly harmonic Paper Skies.

An what better way to end, really. This is inner balance, world peace and smiling children all over the place.

All three are found on our spanking new Nu Jazz Spotify playlist simply titled nu jazz / jazztronica. You are very welcome to follow it and join us in our discoveries!