Revive the filth!

Filthy, broken beats. Staccato madness. Kicks that rumble, samples that scatters around. Welcome to the genre Breakbeat. A genre we’d love to see revived!

Bentodd – Random Organization

An interestingly low BPM on this one, but the grit and groove is prominent in this mother! Takes me back to the good old days where these massive breaks constructions were much, much more common than today. More about that particular point later in this post 🙂

But there’s something about breakbeat that is so playful, and I think this track is a fine example of that. It’s heavy and stomping, yet dancing around like a colourful firework. And the associations are aplenty back to the breaks masters of yesterday.
What a lovely discovery.

Kelle – Stop Thinking

We’re upping the beats per minute on this next one. But the gritty, big, massive, mad monsterous vibe is still present. Noisy.

And the combination with the far east sounds and vocals makes this an exotic affair (from a western perspective) of beats and vibes.

Kelle has become something of a regular on our thus far quite limited breakbeat coverage, and is well represented on our playlist. And this one might be the best from him so far! Keep’em coming, Kelle.

… And let me just express a general comment at the end here: I miss more of this!
Sure, really big beats and massive synths chopping up the airwaves never goes out of style – it just mutates into new genres like dubstep, bass this and future that and UK yadi yada. But breakbeat is the original stabber, damn it!
So if you are a producer of similar vibes as the above, let me know!

Kind regards, a grumpy old clubber

We collect the best, current breakbeat releases as we discover them, and put them neatly and with love into our Breakbeat Spotify playlist, “Breaking The Records”. It’s a list worth following.