Silent Sunday #33

Today’s session features post-apocalyptic vibes. Yay – awesome, right? Three great tracks, all from the “new arrivals” box in the ambient department.

Sirabhorn – The Second One

First track out today is a really dark, utterly atmospheric and gorgeously futuristic creation from Italy. I envision a wasteland. This is post-apocalyptic. Barren landscape, after the fall.

But are we alone? Where do we seek shelter? This track is a novel just by itself.

Sebastian Schmidt – 1977

We remain in Europe as we now head over to the UK, where we find Sebastian.

Seb describes this as “an ambient track inspired by Brian Eno’s ambient work with David Bowie”. And, well, just mention the names Eno and Bowie and I’m all ears.

The detail that stood particularly out for me, and lifted the track well beyond the “harmonic ambient piece” category, is the dialogue going on in the background.

So simple, yet so effective! It adds a third dimension to the track. It adds depth. Details like these are what sets your work apart from the rest!

Yuri Vinogradov – Imaginary Vortex

I’m rounding off today’s silent session by heading east, to Russia. There we find Yuri and this amazingly creative piece. At the core a contemporary jazz piano piece, and as such it stands on it’s own feet. But man, check out the rest of the soundscape!

All the little details, pads, field recordings, weird squeaks and noises. We are somewhere futuristic here, that’s for sure.

And again I get those post-apocalyptic associations. This is partially broken machinery, former grandeur now abandoned.

… But there’s life. A single piano player, sitting by his piano in the rubble, describing the remains.

The first two tracks are added to our Spotify playlist Ambient Universe, while Imaginary Vortex appears to only be available on Bandcamp. That’s pretty camp if you ask me, but now you know where to get it!