Silent Sunday #34

Today we’re going deep out into space again. Classic ambient tracks in that sense – but they all come with each their own twists. And – of course – they are all very good. Enjoy!

Klayr – Stellar Stranding

Here’s a track that has all those “standard components” we’ve learnt to love in ambient: Long pads in slowly evolving harmonics.

And man, how warm and glorious they are. However, the focal point is not the pads – they form the background. And that’s what makes this one special for me. It’s all those other details sprinkled across the soundscape that makes this track differ from the rest.

We’re interstellar now, onboard a shiny, beautiful and well functioning ship taking us where no man has been before.

But wait – there’s more. Just as we’re thinking we know how this one will fare a indigenous flute(!) enters the soundscape. And, well, then things change into something different. Like a drama unfolding. And so utterly, utterly melodic.

Roseblue – A Love That Fades

We’re entering grittier spheres now, with distorted signals indicating stratospheric interference.

I have to admit it, as much as I love the well polished pieces, I’ve always been a fan of a little bit of grit to the mix.

And it is that exact overdrive/distorted layer here that really made this track something I took note of. It adds depth, and ignites my imagination.

4lienetic – Jotunheim

Here’s a track from India! Fantastic. Not entirely sure but I suspect this is one of the first times we’ve covered Indian ambient here. And what a great introduction to the Indian ambient scene.

Curiously though, as they are from India, the title here, “Jotunheim”, is practically the name of a Norwegian popular destination, “Jotunheimen”. I wonder if there is some sort of a relation there, or pure coincidence?

Either way, I found this track to go well with the other two, and form a trio of excellence for this week’s Silent Sunday!

The first track doesn’t seem to be on Spotify, but the other two are found on our excellent Ambient playlist, “Ambient Universe”, where we collect the best tracks to accompany all you space travellers.

Follow the list today and join our explorations!