Silent Sunday #35

A more melodic Sunday than usual this week, as I delve into three new releases with an obvious focus on the melodic harmonies.

Murmurate – The Fabric of Our Being

As soon as I hear a piano in an ambient release, I grow cacucious. Far too many evolve into plain piano pieces. Hotel lobby fodder.

But done right, piano can work really well. As is proven here. Of course, it helps to wrap up this piano in some fancy producer tecniques and reversed trickery. Either way, the result is splendid.


Wreath – Slowly Remembering All That’s Happened

Drones. One of the cornerstones of ambient. They are never wrong. As we have firmly concluded many times already. Especially not when the harmonic progression is as elegantly shaped as here.

And while this is the least melodic of todays selection, to my ears there’s a particularly melodic vibe to these pads. Like the tender song of a fable animal.

Bending Time – Cloud Temple

Rounding off the session this Sunday with perhaps the most melodic one, from the US artist Bending Time. An Asian vibe is present here, I get associations to falling leaf in a silent Japanese garden.

Absolutely gorgeous stuff, this is rose petals and harmonic existence.

All three are added to our ever increasingly excellent Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe” where we collect only the finest ambient as we discover them.