Silent Sunday #36

Bells seems to be a sort of a theme in two of the tracks for today. And all three are really, really lonely and dark atmospheres. Scenes of a location where not much is left. And that is, to me, the perfect scenery for ambient music.

Conveyance Space – Molten Chimes

I am opening todays session with a track that at least puts me straight into the deepest of space. Where I belong, really. This is 3 minutes and 40 seconds of dark, cold, silent, vast nothingness.

It could have lasted for at least five more minutes, this beauty. And if I understand the press release correctly this seems to be the “radio edit”, hence indicating that there’s a good chance of finding a longer version out there. Happy hunting!

Nat Evans – Say Those Words For Me

Notice the hollow background in this one, in perfect contrast to the wind bells that are slowly chiming in the front.

A very lonely atmosphere is the result. A deserted place? Is this after the fall? Is there anything left? I leave it up to your imagination to fill out the gaps. Intriguing snippets of field recordings breaks up the monotony. What an experience.

And speaking of lengths… Now THIS is a length of a track we not too often see anymore: A whopping ~27 minutes! I shall be the first to admit that this is a bit long for addition to a playlist in today’s day and age, but damn it, I could not use that against it.

Not this time. This is one great piece of ambient.

Clement Panchout – Nuclear Winter

And finally, a track that is a lot more melodic than what I usually go for in this column.

The chimes heard here sounds almost like one of those small music boxes we all had as kids, and is creating a kind of a slightly scary atmosphere – don’t you agree? An atmosphere that is only strengthened by the hollow pads that follow.

And further boosted by the implifications of the title, “Nuclear Winter”, this package really sets a remarkably strong atmosphere.

(Nuclear Winter is only available on Bandcamp)

The first two are found on our Spotify playlist “Ambient Universe“, where we collect all the greatest new ambient releases as we discover them.