Synthwave Saturday #4

We’re chillin’ today, with two tracks that should fit the “chillwave” pretty well. Plus one track that some may claim is more 90s than 80s vibes, but we found it to be so good that we wanted to include it anyways.

Colorado Straightedge – Broke

The first seconds here reminded me so of “I’ll be there for you” (Friends tv series). And soon it changes directory into a rather indie rock / synthwave crossover.

And as such, if we were to define this track to a decade we’d actually rather tag it to the 90s than the 80s. Associations to bands like Suede do pop up – but then again, we could also claim to hear a touch of both U2 and even maybe The Cure? Either way, we jus tloved this track so much that we had to include it.

After all, the 80s wasn’t ONLY synth pop. 🙂

Minute Taker – The Darkest Summer

Next up in today’s synthwave trio is a track with its roots firmly placed in the 80s. A very dreamy creation, this is pure silk to the eardrums.

And mr Taker is not only a guy with an obvious fascination for the fabled neon lit decade, he’s also actually been allowed to put his hands on the original material from no else than Yazoo and Erasure, with official remixes released on Mute/BMG UK. Surely that must be pretty darn cool for a Synthwave artist!

Lonely Benson & Low Talker – Everything Reminds Me

And while we’re on the dreamy vibe, well this one will not give you bad dreams either, although being of a melancholic nature.

A loungy vibe indeed, for the laid-back sessions.

Mr Benson is raised in Australia and, as he put it himself, “corrupted in America”. Well, this corruption must have inflicted something else than his musical output, cause this sounds pretty well like coming from someone with a smooth and well ajusted lifestyle. 🙂

All three are added to our Spotify playlist “More Eighties Than The 80s itself“, where we collect the retro nuggets as we discover them. We do have a focus on vocalb ased synthwave, and if that’s your preference too then you are welcome to follow it and discover new music with us!