The Deep Lounge Goes East!

Let’s return to what we may call the “roots” of this blog: Deep House. Quite likely our most covered genre besides Ambient.

And here’s three new elegant and truly deep house tracks from the “new arrivals” bin that has at least three things in common: They are fairly minimal, definitely underground, and they stem from the east side of Europe.

KiRiK & Alia Palant – Techiya

We enter the deep waters on the soft end with the help of the Ukranian artists KiRiK & Alia Palant. A lovely vibe on this one. Dreamy, floating, yet groovy. And a bass that means business in all its rumbling presence.

Solid head bopping material!

Acid Savannah – Can You Hear Me

And we’re continuing much of that same deep vibe here with this track from even further east, to the Ukranian neighbour Russia.

With a minimalist approach to the house genre, this track could strictly speaking just as well be called minimal house. But to be honest, for me the border between minimal and deep is blurry to say the least.

Either way, the groove is deep and we dig it.

Baltimore Chop – Glacier

We’re staying in Russia for a while longer, as we also need to give Baltimore Chop a visit while we’re here. They deliver another smooth reason to keep an eye on what goes on in the underground house scene over there.

Minimal like Acid Savannah, in fact there’s quite a few similarities between the two. A lovely deep groove where the entire track revolves around the main theme. The result is an utterly dance-able track that triggers all the right feelings and associations.

All three findings of today are well placed on our quite excellent Spotify playlist “Deep Lounge”, where we collect the most elegant Deep House related tracks for the underground lounge sessions.