The Electronica Outskirts #2

Let’s clear our heads a little by diving into the experimental pool and explore these three newly released tracks that all offer something definitely different.

Let’s enter the electronica outskirts.

Friendships – Happyness

A slightly claustrophobic atmosphere in this one by the Australian audio-visual duo “friendships”.

This duo combines Misha Grace’s visual art and Nic Brown’s songwriting in their respective mediums together. Ergo a duo that has the “full package” to explore, and I really do suggest you dig deeper into the works of these two if leftfield and alternative artistic expressions are your amongst your fascinations.

Poztman – Ancestral Data (Rite Of Cunning)

Darkness emcompass us in this futuristic dark ambient/IDM crossover. An intense atmosphere of grit and grinds and technologies. A cyberpunk future.

This track is part of a EP that in one continuous mix tells a sci-fi story.

And the backdrop for the EP as presented in the press release is of such a nature that the introduction deserves to be quoted:

“This is a story set in the far future, in a system far away from what you consider home.
On a newly terraformed planet, a young civilisation is on the rise. Although seemingly primitive, they hold precious technology granted by the Harvesters.

Tribal communities worship their absent creators, gather from the land, hunt beasts for food & machines for resources. These terraforming machines called “Steelings” scout the realm, maintaining the flora, fauna & human population for the harvesters.

Tribes hunt them down for their precious Essence.”

So totally a movie I’d watch, a book I’d read – or an EP I’d explore.

Naoko – Alexa’s Dream

A fantastic, rustic vibe to this track. Quirky, detuned sounds gives a very cinematic result. With a lovely vocal performance that humanise the rather chilling soundscape.

Very melodic, quite accessible yet blindingly unique.

All three are added to our quite experimental Spotify playlist “Electronica Outskirts“, a list with a high frequency of tracks out of the ordinary.