The Electronica Outskirts

Welcome to the world of the weird and wonderful. Welcome to three new releases that we simply can call “experimental”.
And they’re great!

erik01100101 – parallax

Glitches! It’s had a special place in my heart ever since the Matrix trilogy.

But this track is more than just some glorious chopped up samples. Sprinkled by a collection of field recordings and creative processing of voice and arrangement, it holds a certain “experimental” vibe that – despite still being very accessible – makes a track with so much personality and uniqueness.

Voxish – Beating, My Drones

We’re going deeper and darker with this next one, from the UK. And probably a little less accesible and more experimental. Voxish Delivers an abstract affair of massive bass, wobbly monsters and mechanical, gritty vibes.

And what vibes!

I get cyberpunk underworld images in my mind (yes I’m a sci-fi goon) of a busy dark side street with off-market activities. And it’s raining. Of course.

Porcelain – Anon

And we’re not in particularly brighter grounds with this next one, also from the UK. With an intriguing blend of old and new – modern dance sounds combined with… A good old-fashioned cello (I think?)!

And damn, how well this combo works. The result is a really intriguing and cinematic experience.

You find all three gems on our experimental Spotify playlist “The Electronica Outskirts” where we collect all the best experimental/leftfield/IDM tracks as we discover them. Strange new worlds and sounds awaits you!