Three for Peak Hour!

Tech House. One of the most cheesy genres out there. There, I said it.

But there are exceptions. And we’ve found three of those. Here’s three peak hour tracks for the House DJs. These three should move your crowds in a proper manner, without losing your credibility amongst your DJ colleagues. :p

Sesh – Rave

The bassline can’t get more clubby than this. A sub-rumbler of the highest order.
And that crystal clear mix, dry and punchy, nothing to blur the image. So important to get that stompy vibe one wants on the dance floor.

Boris Ross & Baggi – Dissing The Truth

And an even more minimal construction. A woody lead synth loops throughout the entire track. So simple, yet hard. Because, the fewer components one have in a track, the more important it is that what’s there works.
And here it does. In an hypnotic way.

If I am to point my finger at something, I’d say it’s a bit too eager use of that “ooh” sample going on here. It would have worked better if at least half of them were left out.

But this is one track to make the floor boil. If it doesn’t then you’re booked at the wrong club.

Nick AG – Get Me Out

Here’s another good example of those repetitive tracks with so simple, yet effective constructions. A beat, some samples, and a simple melody line in the background and a bass line to support it. That’s it. Nothing more happens.

But nothing more needs to happen, because in the hands of an experienced DJ this is exactly what the floor needs right now.

All three are added to our “House For Clubbers” playlist, where we collect the most crazy club slammers when we discover them.