Two for the good shoes

Friday! Whatever you’re up to this evening you should always make room for some good Friday night party vibes. As provided by these two excellent new House releases.

Race Banyon – Back & Forth

This track here works as a good example of a club track formula that I really love: The looped vocals. Just over and over and over and over and oh yes baby we’re gettin’ there.

Simple, effective, groovy as F. This is one track to lose your mind to.

(Hey mr Banyon, this one needs to be pushed to Beatport! I headed over there to add it to my DJ bag just now! But it’s nowhere to be found!)

Volac – Muchacho

Do you agree with me that there’s a certain Russian vibe to the “hey hey hey hey” in here? Well, it could be explained with Volac actually being a Russian electronic duo.

Either way – this track is 100% about having fun. Cheerful, cheeky, and probably a couple of other adjectives starting with CHE.

The lighthearted nature here combined with the classic house groove in the bottom makes this one work both during happy hour fun pubs as well as at a house club basements. Accessible without being cheesy. That’s a good combo.

Both of these tracks are to be found on our soon to be refurbished and rebranded playlist “Housde for Clubbers”, a list we will focus more on the coming months. Follow it today and you’ve got a good source for the dance floor geared releases!