Ambient Universe #40

We’re going down deep today, with two tracks taking us down to unfamiliar depths, while the third tries to send us a message. We think. And all three are of course recently released ambient pieces.


This track is something different – yet quite traditional drone ambient. How can that be? Well, I guess it doesn’t take much to strife a bit off the beaten path. And here it is that choppy sound – like morse signals – that really does the whole difference.

Intriguing! Imaginative. Very atmospheric! And futuristic. And especially the latter is what made me hit the “approve button” on this one. I can totally place myself in a distant space station, where the machinery around me is what makes it possible for me to live.

A great find for our playlist.

VOLO – Deep Dive (Ambient Edit)

We’re going deep down in this next find, from the american artist Volo. Long pads, slowly moving harmonics. Oh yeah. A more traditional shape and sound on this one, but that makes it no less attractive.

But there is a steady curve here, as we get deeper and deeper the intensity increase with the pressure outside our dive capsule – and for me personally this is where the track really starts to shine. A howling noise threatens to press through, until it suddenly lose its grip and we enter… Something magnificent. Colourful. Massive. Blissful.

This track is food for our imagination, for sure.

Germind – Mysterious Abyss

And we remain deep down in this next one, from Russia. Germind is inspired by H. P. Lovecraft and his tale of Cthulu.

And the soundscape here benefit a lot from the textures of the distorted noise that scatters in the stereo field. We are deep, and there is a potential threat lurking.
But still – we can’t help continuing our journey. For nearly six minutes, to the very end.

All three are added to our quite splendid ambient playlist, “Ambient Universe” where we collect only the finest new ambient as we discover them. Regularly updated!