Ambient Universe #41

Sunday. Regulars should know what that means by now: Another selection of excellent Ambient releases. Here’s three of my recent discoveries!

Spacecraft – Zodiacal Light

Our first artist today comes from India! Not the first time we feature an Indian artist but it’s always extra exciting – at least for me – to hear from artists outside of the US and Europe.

A classic drone based ambient piece that obviously fits perfectly into our playlist. With the atmosphere of exploration and undiscovered wonders, it is a track that ignites our imaginations. And quite probably, lulls us sweetly into deep sleep.

Xoydah – Decayer

Very atmospheric and quite unique soundscape, created by the UK artist Xoydah. And the pitch line from the artist was in itself so interesting that I have to hereby quote it:

The spectacle is the nightmare of imprisoned modern society which ultimately expresses nothing more than its desire to sleep.

I dunno about you but I dig perspectives like that.

A quite short sequence, this. And judging by the end it sounds like it is a piece of something bigger. An artist well worth checking out more in depth if this track tickled your fancy.

Phondupe – Ama

Amazing sounds in this one! Field recordings looped and paired with a massive sounding, hollow synth – a track with a very special character. Cinematic, quite melodic, without ever tipping over into the cliches.

To be honest I’m actually a little bit unsure if it is a bit too melodic and energetic for our ambient playlist – we’ll see how it plays out. I just had to show this one to you! And for now you find it in our Ambient Universe.

All three are added to our quite exquisite Spotify playlist “Ambient Universe”, where we collect only the finest and most well crafted ambient releases as we discover them. Regularly maintained and well worth adding to your library of playlists!