Ambient Universe #42

Three ambient releases are the hosts for this ride: A trip to a Russian engine room, a Japanese garden and a guitar in space. Quite the span. Strap up!

Vheissu – Tua

First track out today are dominated by drones. As we like it. Quite noisy acytually, this is no desolated place. Rather the engine room of some installment.

But still, while threatening to break out into something energetic, it never does. Luckily.

I like it in this sturdy, Russian engine room.

88owls – Mountain Hut

Next up is a glorious melodic creation of delicate bells and airy pads. Harmonic.

And, well, it’s probably cheating to know that this indeed is a track produced in Japan, but I really do envision an oriental garden here, with soft colours and falling leaves.

Rustre – Moher

Long pads, slowly evolving harmonics. Yeah, yeah, we know that drill by now. But wait, there’s more.

I think that in this track our German friend Rustre really managed to create a space in the soundscape. It sounds massive… And largely empty. Hollow sounds and just the right amount of reverb and delay makes sure of that.

And it quite unexpectedly evolves into a guitar piece! Something that changes the entire texture of the track, while still remaining in the universe built during the introduction.

All three are added to our excellent ambient playlist on Spotify, “Ambient Universe”, where we collect all the best new ambient releases as we discover them. One of our most frequently updated lists. Well worth following!