Ambient Universe #43

The Sundays are not quite the same without a visit to the ambient universe. Here’s three excellent tracks from the “new arrivals” bin.

Take Me There – My Body Betrayed Me

Such a wonderful opening track for today’s session. A simple, short guitar theme is played, over and over, establishing a sense of melancholy and solitude. The rest of the canvas is filled with washed out field recordings and barely intelligible words.

A truly unique track.

Pram Of Dogs – Existence

Next up, a track that takes us into deep space. At least me. But as regular readers probably are aware of by now, admittedly it doesn’t take much for me to associate pretty much anything with outer space.

And it has a cool back-story, this release. Pram of Dogs is a project born from an obsession with forgotten film scores and cult cinema. Working with vintage synths and overdubbing reel to reel tape, the London-based artist collected sounds over a number of years and pieced together his debut release Matter – Anti, “a score to a film that doesn’t exist”.

I got a strong feeling the whole album will be well worth a visit.

Foam and Sand & Dreaming of Ghosts – Circle 6

And finally, a track with really quite excellent texture. Lovely vintage vibe, a cracled sound of what I imagine to be from a damanged magnetic tape. I think I had a cassette that sounded a bit like this, back in the days.

And I have plenty times before written about how I wish there were more vocals in ambient music. Like here.
I mean, it’s not that I want all ambient releases to feature a vocal recording – far from it – but it’s a road worth exploring now and then.

Who knows – it might just turn out as excellent as this.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist “Ambient Universe”, where we collect all the best ambient releases as we discover them.