Ambient Universe (Silent Sunday #38)

I’m doing a little bit of a “re-branding” on the regular columns here, to use the same name on the blog posts and the playlists. But it’s still Silent Sunday, and here’s no less than FOUR really great new ambient releases!

Echoflex – 50°21’08″N 4°10’22″W Veering SW

First out – a british artist named Echoflex who are hereby inviting us into his world of wonders.

Because… It is associations to “wonders” I do get when I hear this track. Something magnificent, grandeour, a creation that’s stood the test of time and are still hovering in all its shining and shimmering beauty.

A gorgeous track.

Burrow – Divine Delusions

Over in the US things are a bit darker. At least judging from the atmosphere of this track. A lovely, calm yet unnerving atmosphere. We are deep down now, entered something sacret and ancient.

This is six minutes of pure thick atmosphere. And just as the atmosphere threatens with breaking out into something loud, it retracts again, maintaining our sense of being alone after all. Or…?

Rosa Anschütz – Out Of True

The next track contains something I’ve often requested in this column: Vocals! Some say vocals – other than maybe some discrete humming – have no place in ambient music. I disagree. It CAN pull the track out of the “ambient vibe”, but it doesn’t have to.

Like here. A vocal performance that balance somewhere between chanting and singing, it makes for a lovely layer on top of the ambience. Maybe a bit loud in the mix if I have to point at something – but that’s nitpicking. I welcome productions like these with open arms.

Alps 2 – Empting

A rather dark and introvert creation is up next, as we return to the UK.

And a very interesting field recording steals my attention – what is that thing? Processed raindrops? Gated wind? No idea! And I dig that. I love abstract sounds in my ambient – oh how much more dull it would have been if it was just a plain recording of said wind or rain.

And the randomness of the synths give me associations to wind chimes – again an abstract, unstructured vibe. Great stuff.
… And then poff – it’s over. Just like that.

All four are found on our quite unique Spotify playlist “Ambient Universe” where we collect all the most interesting ambient tracks as we discover them. This is one list that’s been regularly updated for years now – a trustworthy source, and you are very welcome to follow it!