Beach Lounge Moments

Here in Norway it’s a cold autumn setting in, but that’s just one more reason to head to our imaginary beach lounge where the sun always shines and the waves are calmly hitting the shores.
Here’s two I’d love to get served during that lounge session.

DJ Wei – Tipsy Moon

We’re starting off with a deep, groovy vibe of a quite timeless fasion. That’s always a plus in my book. Dreamy, harmonic, maybe a bit predictable but that’s how it’s meant to be within these genres. We are supposed to flow with it.

And we do, in a quite swaggering fashion.

Mattari – Night Flight

Next up, a wonderfully jazzy creation that supports the swag vibe established by the first.

I can’t help but getting good 70s vibes from this one. And when those strings enter the sound stage the association is cemented. Associations to some tv series score, with an old-school private eye solving all of’em mysterious cases while carrying around his frock. Or something.

Ok, I’m getting carried away here. Point is – this is damn good background music both for a beach lounge and a jazz café.

Both of these are added where the sun always shines, on our excellent Spotify playlist “Beach Lounge”. That’s where we collect the prefect tracks for our imaginary beach lounge. And if you are like us, you want to add it to your collection of playlists. It’s worth it.