Classic vibes @ The Deep Lounge

Here’s three new underground tracks that really delivers on that classic deep house vibe. I mean, REALLY delivers. These tracks should be mandatory in any Deep House set the next 12 months.

Dtailr – Pure Feelings

We start this session with a track from Switzerland – that’s not too often! A cool, classic and timeless deep house vibe, rolling that minimal groove we love. Nothing new under the sun to be found here, but nothing new is needed.

This one has the stuff we crave. A solid house track!

Timberr – Desires

The next one is even deeper, and now we’re really entering a hypnotic state. The break midway is just pure gold.

Smooth vocal sample that adds an organic feel to the track, and how about that seductively deep organ synth sound that just grooves right above the surface of a classic, rock solid deep house groove.

This is solid, classic Deep House through and through. This is why we love the genre!

Yabé – Friday

We’re over on the other side of the pond for the next track, Yabé is located in the USA. A lovely, warm bassline heats us up, and the progression is just right with new layers entering the focal point as minutes pass by.

And when that cool el-piano enters? That’s when I said “hell yeah” and slammed my “approve” button down. It lifts the track up a notch, and can work really well in a transition towards more upbeat house tracks.

So the floor is properly warmed up – now it’s your turn: What’s the next track you put on? Stick to the classic vibe, boy!

All three are found on our Spotify playlist “Deep Lounge”, where best underground deep house releases are collected as we discover them. Weekly updated, this is one playlist you want to follow.