Deep Lounge Tuesday

Tuesday is an as good day as any to enter our underground Deep House lounge, where all the right people hang.

Here’s three new deep releases from the “recommended” shelf.

musclecars – Sol

The artist themselves describe this as a “starter track”, of what we do not disagree. So it’s natural to start with Musclecars’ track “Sol”. A track that indeed vibes of sun and relaxed holiday voibes. So much so that we in fact also added this track to our “Beach Lounge” playlist.

The quite jazzy piano fetched my attention, in addition to the elegant, organic drumming that adds such a nice exotic associations. This is one for the bright lounges.

Edapollo ft Akacia – Gold Light (Remix by Mazoulew )

It’s not too often I fall for a Deep House track with vocals as the primary component. Far too often it pull sit way too far over on the mainstream side of things.

And it’s not like this track here is unaccessible for the wider audience. Smooth, cool vocals, catchy melody, groovy beat. But it still remains on that minimal, deep and real path of house that we seek out here on this blog. And it will sound just great in the mix on our exclusive Deep House playlist.

Sarge Malone – Somebody Just like you

We’re diving deeper into the minimal side of the house pond with this next track. Ergo, we’re back into the waters we’re familiar with.

A very funky organ sets the vibe in this techy little construction, delivering the kind of beat we quite frankly could – and have – grooved to for hours at end.

All three are added to the Spotify playlist where everything deep happens: “The Deep Lounge”.