It’s House Music, baby!

House music! The original Electronic Dance Music. It all stared there. The tracks that just sets out for one thing and one thing only – to make you want to dance.
That’s the kind of house music I have got for you today.

Kpt – House (Single Edit)

The components of this first track today is such a lovely blend of old and new, a gorgeous minimal groove with a classic vibe and modern production details and a progression that makes this really a mix of the best from multiple worlds.

And with those chopped vocal samples sprinkled across the track it gives me associations to the MASSIVE 90s club banger “spin spin sugar” remix by Van Helden back in the heydays.

This track delivers!

Kylo – Solace (Remix by Bad Milk)

It’s a lower tempo on this one, lower energy level, but still damn groovy and just plain catchy track.

And it’s no coinsiense that chopped vocals are also one of the main ingredients of the next track: I simply LOVE it. There’s something about the combination of the machine treatment of an utterly organic sound that I just find so compelling.

Two great tracks to lift the mood!

Both tracks are added to our groovy Spotify playlist “It’s House Music!”, where we collect the best house tracks as we discover them. Well worth keeping in your playlist collection? We believe so.