Let’s make some noise.

It’s been a bit calm and quiet around here lately. So let’s stir things up with some serious stomping beats – these two are MASSIVE!

HNTR – Love Loss

God damn what a massive sound it is on this one. It’s a MOUNTAIN of grit! With us piled on top of it, dancing. Fantastic.

The flaring sweeps crossing the soundscape – this one is engineered for the main halls, with massive laser rigs and hysterical sound systems.

BreakCode – No Guts No Glory

And we’re not exactly dialling DOWN with this next one. What a mad, mad creation.

The whining synths, I don’t even dare thinking how those will drill into the eardrums at ultra high volumes. All I know is that I still would so insanely love to hear this one at the right techno bunker.

I mean, it’s MAAAAD!

These two glorious monsters are both sitting high up on our properly gritty techno playlist, “THIS Is Techno”, where we collect the greatest releases as we discover them.