Max contrast

This time I aim for maximal contrast, as I pick two dance tracks that quite likely can’t get much further apart with the vibe they radiate.

You’ll understand once you hear’em!

ID23 – Trevor

We’re starting out really dark. In fact, pitch black. The theme for this track is the “black lives matter” movement, and features speech by Trevor Noah on top of a tight, deep, dark and rock solid club groove.

Now, releases like these makes me think. The message of the track is of course important and seemingly can not be repeated and explained well enough. But… As a dance track? I mean, would I start dancing to this track had it been played at a club? Would you? The groove is definitely something I’d dance to, but how would that make me feel? Like dancing on the backs of the victims of injustice?

Either way – a remarkable release and a solid production.

DEPERS feat. EKSF – Career Poker

And from the dark times in the USA to the bright vibes created in collaboration with Russian vocalist EKSF and Japanese electronic unit DEPERS.

A carefree, melodic vibe of bells and disco and “oooh-nanana” chorus.

I believe every gamer – myself included – feels a certain connection with Japan. And there’s something about Japanese productions that I find so utterly appealing. Like an army of toys dancing around in an utterly catchy and slightly pshycidelic fashion.

In stark contrast to the first track. But I believe they both serves each their important purpose. Music can and should be both an escape and a platform for expression.

And there you have it! The contrast here is at max, both melodically, conceptually and geographically. We can’t get much further apart than this within the dance music sphere, can we?

Trevor” is not released on Spotify but “Career Poker” is added to our evidently wide ranging Spotify playlist “It’s House Music“, where you find the best house music tracks as we discover them!