Midweek Trippin’ (Ambient Universe #39)

There’s been a lot of ambient releases lately – so much so that I have an excessive stable of releases waiting to be covered here on Beatradar.

So with no further do, let’s dive into the stack!

Orbitalpatterns – A Heart Can Be a Ghost

The first track today is just so wonderfully… foggy. Worn. Like an antique, strange object discovered in an abandoned building.

It is taken from the album “These Haunted Objects”, an album well worth exploring should this track ignite a curiosity in you.
And really, how can it not?

Charles F. Moreland III – Acuity

Next up we can say we’re going from the antique to the shiny and new. Glassy, clean pads are filling the soundscape in this track from the fittingly titled album “Room Tone”.

But the glass is gradually getting dirtier as the track progress, delivering an ever progressing experience. The rhytmic loop that enters around half way also gives me associations to something slightly futuristic. A future I want to be a part of.

Highland Park Sleep Collective – Purple Part A

We are entering an even more silent landscape with this next track, from Highland Park Sleep Collective (USA). One can rightfully call this “classic” drone ambient, with an atmosphere of peaceful bliss. But what seems on the surface to be a fairly standard fare drone ambient, unfolds delicate details along the way that feeds our imagination as we explore the textures. They really live up to their band name.

And what a band. This duo consist of Tim and Filip who formed Highland Park Sleep Collective after years of producing artists like Billie Eilish, Pabllo Vittar and King Princess and touring with their bands Ima Robot and Poolside.

Francis M. Gri – Part 3

It’s not too often we hear acoustic guitars used in the ambient I select for this column. It usually makes the track too “earthly” for my taste. But not so here! A lovely, quiet, abstract affair with ultra-soft bells and interesting field recordings in the background, making this into one to remember.

No streaming links as it’s a Bandcamp only fundraiser for Client Earth – an environmental law firm taking on the polluters. A cause most should find easy to support.

You find the bandcamp release here!

The first three tracks are found on our ever increasingly excellent Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe” where we collect only the finest new ambient music as we discover it. Updated weekly!