Synthwave Saturday #5

Here’s two tracks that both are what we could describe as “more eighties than the eighties itself”. Ergo, perfect additions to our playlist of that very title!

Morningless – Through The Sun

When I pick tracks for this column “authenticy” is one of the prime factors in my decision. They gotta sound like they actually could have been released back then. And too often modern production techiques breaks that illusion.

And the heavy compression on this track could ruin it, as we didn’t do heavy compression like we do today. But here it actually makes it sound like a slightly worn out cassette tape. I would not be surprised if what’s used here is in fact a tape emulation rather than pure compression. Either way – it passes my test if I imagine I am listening from a worn cassette player. 🙂

Mako Bron – Zombies Are Coming (And They Will Eat Your Brain)

The next track is a “wall of sound” type production that fills out the entire soundscape. Very eighties. Dramatic, catchy, the obligatory guitar chords and the big synth solo – oh yes, it’s all there.
And I bet that Mako do have a soft spot for Billy Idol.

“Zombies are Coming” was written at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown. The unfolding situation reminded Mako of the opening scenes of a zombie film and that was really the genesis for the song. And he surely wasn’t the only one being reminded of such film openings!

I mean, can you imagine this being on the soundtrack for a teen zombie flick? So totally yesh!

Both of these are found on our ever so retro “More Eighties Than The 80s itself” Spotify playlist. A list of vocal based synthwave with that legitimate 80s vibe. Check them out!