The Beach Lounge

Three tracks that I all found to be suitable for our Beach Lounge playlist, despite being very different from each other, only having a chill vibe in common. I guess these three illustrates the whole span of that playlist. And what a list it has become!

Kiar – Air

Seriously, this is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in a very, very long time. What a voice! And what a performance! And what an arrangement! And what a vibe!

Kiar from Spain is the artist behind this. And I have fallen in love again. I really don’t have anything more to add to that.

Parvenu – Falling

We’re now heading over down east to Hong Kong. There we find the base of the British electronics duo Parvenu.

And this duo deliver a delicate, smooth beach lounge track that one can say is a crossover to Deep House lands – a place regular readers know too well we like to dwell.

Deep, yes. Groovy. But also bright and melodic with wind bells and smooth pads soothing our soul.

It checks all the right boxes to be a groove to vibe to.

Andrew Rothschild – Lokta

Quite a different third entry, with more of a chanting vibe from mr Andrew Rothschild (USA). Very melodic, lots of layers, overloaded with details – but they all works very well together.

Lovely dynamics, lovely drive, great arrangement, a veritable audio park to explore.

And it’s especially the string instruments that enters the scene around half way that grabbed my fascination. Quite uncommon in these kind of tracks, and it works so well!

All three are found on our very well curated (if we may say so ourselves) Spotify list “Beach Lounge”, where we collect all the tracks we’d love to hear while lounging at a beach.