The Electronica Outskirts #3

This time “vocals” are kind of the common denominator for this round-trip within the “experimental” landscape. Two of them with excellent vocal performances, the third with phone lines being the theme.

Son Lux – Only (Chasing You) – feat. William Bell

I’m starting off today’s session with a quite extraordinary track featuring William Bell, the Grammy Award winning soul-singer and notable early Stax Records signee.

The atmosphere is layered thick over this one. And the arrangement is – to my ears – just a perfect balance of chaos and order. Taking the best from modern jazz and leftfield genres and just does it perfectly.

And it doesn’t hurt that it in fact reminds me of David Bowie’s more avant-garde moments. And that can only be a compliment. It simply is a damn good track, period.

What a creation!

Psyclo – The 18th Floor in Hell

And how about this one for an experimental, vocal based vibe? We’re in China now, and “this song is what paranoia sounds like in my head,” says Psyclo of her newest single.

An incredibly characteristic performance, draped over an arrangement that firmly places this one on the electronica outskirts. An area we got a feeling she thrives in.

A great discovery.

D.P. Webster – C3llular Landlines

And finally, one monster of a track. Big, noisy, heavy. And this track holds almost everything I typically seek in my selections of tracks; a dark, futuristic vibe. A rock solid bottom, effects and loops swirling in and out of a fractured soundscape of impulses and chaos.

This is downtown nighttime, rain in the air and the future looks grim. But not without hope.

Just like any good cyberpunk story.

All these tracks are to be found on our pretty darn awesome “The Electronica Outskirts” playlist, where the finest and most creative works within the leftfield and alternative spheres are collected. Follow it today!