The Electronica Outskirts #4

We’re rising fast in intensity in today’s session, where I delve into three recent releases from the more experimental side of the electronica landscape.

Ro-E – A Sight To Behold

An intriguing vocalist carries this cinematic track on her shoulders to the very end.

But the entire production is so wonderfully leftfield one can only sit down and consume in glee and fascination.

Ro-E is from Spain, She has toured intensively from Barcelona to New York with her material. She is currently preparing her debut album, scheduled for October 16th.

Mightelle – WRURF

The intriguing arrangement and vocals continues in this next one, who also ramps up the energy level a notch.

A fantastic sound design and glitchy production techniques elevates the track further and make this onto one of those that you just have to hear.
No matter where your preferences are.

Soullus – Communications

And finally, pulling out most straps to make room for this big bad mother. A massive, MASSIVE composition with a bass that rolls over not only you, but your granny too.

And if I am allowed to geek out for a minute here: Damn how well this one sounds! It’s just so crystal clear, well mixed and rock solid throughout.

All three are added to the playlist of ours who probably is the most exciting one to explore: The Electronica Outskirts. Some fantastic creations are found there!