The Jazz Lounge #1

Three new releases from the Nu Jazz scene, all prepped and ready to scratch that jazzy itch!

Tree Theater (feat. Olivia Morreale) – Words

Firtst one out today is this glorious, harmonic and laid-back piece from Tree Theater. And Olivia Morreale’s vocals really shines, its perfect for these kind of arrangements. The track is really well mixed too, sounds great.

An arrangement that for me express sunny days, a safe atmosphere and an uncomplicated life.

Oh man. If only.

Brandon Terzakis – Emm

We’re entering a darker jazz joint vibe now, with Brandon Terzakis (USA) taking us to more energetic and dramatic grounds with his piece, “Emm”.

Mixing elements of Black American Music and heavy analogue influenced synth sounds from 70’s/ 80’s – all wrapped up in a really good, jazzy beat.

Lumiere – F

And finally, a track that is really quite the journey. Different segments along the way is giving us an audio landscape to explore that is full of surprises.

With the orchestral elements to the arrangement it’s also really cinematic, this one. A fantastic piece of free-jazz vibe!

All three are found on our quite new and steadily growing Nu Jazz playlist, simply entitled “The Nu Jazz/Jazztronica Lounge”. New discoveries added every week!