The Jazz Vibe

There’s something about jazz that resonates so well with me. And that may look like a kind of a mystery at first glance, since it’s so much more organic and chaotic than the very strict structures of underground house music, especially of the more minimal kind.

But may that be exactly why I love it? And here’s three great recent discoveries!

Maffa Rico – Terracotta

First out is a groovy jazz affair from the USA, with an obvious funk influence. The result is an accessible instrumental that has a great potential to bop heads and trigger grins.

I really like the percussive work in this one.
And that lovely guitar lead? So, so cool. Like, the father of cool. It’s talking the talk, fo’sho’.

Keith Smackdown – Prisoner (feat. Felix Meredith)

And we continue the funky vibe with this one, from Australia. It also leans itself far over on the house side of things. A veritable meltingpot of a track. A true crossover.

Still, it has just enough of that organic jazz vibe for me to sort it under jazztronica. And a real cool one at being so, too.

Fox Capture Plan – Into the Spiral

Last one out today is a contribution from Japan that takes us back to firm jazz grounds with its Big Band setup.

Lovely horns and strings sections plays a central role in this composition by one of the coolest band names I’ve heard in a while, “Fox Capture Plan”.

But what really captured my attention is the fantastic piano performance Really, this piano play made me sit up in my chair. Reminds me a bit of Mike Garson, Bowies renown pianist, on a good day.

A fantastic track with an excellent arrangement, where all sections of the band are given proper room to shine.

What a great discovery!

All three tracks are found on our Spotify playlist “The Nu Jazz/Jazztronica Lounge”, where we collect our greatest finds within the mentioned genres. We got some really good jazz vibes going there now!