The Progressive Underground #2

It’s been too long since we descended into the progressive underground. Here’s three tracks that rocks the subwoofer in all their progressive glory!

Yeah yeah, the kids call this “melodic techno” today but never mind that. It’s not them who ruined the “progressive house” category – that’s Deadmau5 and the three guys in Stockholm to blame.

Amir Telem – Asuman

We’re starting our journey in Israel. Amir is a yoga and meditation instructor(!) and is creating deep, dark and melodic house music, which is, according to the press release, “implemented with spiritual messages from the Vedas (the ancient wisdom of yoga)”. So beware of subliminal waves! 😉

A fantastic bass rolls steadily, building the foundation for this great and dark monster.

Ayhan Akca – Against Me

A bit further east, over at Tyrkey they really want to show they know their bass too. There we find Ayhan Akca. And the rock solid bass line should be plenty enough for you to jump out of your chair and start groovin’. Man, that thing is pushing the sub woofer we got over here at Beatradar HQ.

And the buildup follows a progression that is the staple of good progressive house. Building, but never losing it. Always staying cool.

And that bass…!

OGGI FUOCO – Coca Hotline

And we end this journey over on the other side of the pond, to the good old US of A. The dark, condensed and energetic vibe continues. Maybe the track that is the furthest over to the techno side of things, but still – a track that I’d so totally include in a progressive set.

In fact all three tracks today do have a lot in common. Despite the cultural differences between these three countries. I think that’s pretty darn cool. The electronic underground has no borders!

All three tracks today are found on our really quite excellent Spotify playlist “The Progressive Underground”, where only the very best and 100% underground progressive tracks are collected as we discover them. Well worth to check out, there’s some pretty damn good stuff on there now.