The Progressive Underground

Ahhh – finally I got some progressive house for you again! Three lovely, massive monsters who sure will scratch that itch.
And straight from the “new arrivals” bin!

Kataouchee – Dark Matter

Starting off in a properly underground fashion. This track is repetitive as can be, yet always evolving, twisting and turning around the main theme.

Never falling for the temptaion to go all cheese on us (although the danger is real during the main break), it just lingers there in the shadows, playing, toying, teasing.

59 Perlen & Superheroin – Luna Nova

59 Perlen is a gentleman we’ve covered earlier here on Beatradar. Here he’s teamed up with a band unknown to us, Superheroin to deliver “Luna Nova”. A track that do follow the classic proghouse vibe. And while I’m very veary of vocals on my club tracks, here the vocals perfectly fits the soundscape and builds a hypnotic vibe. Great stuff.

Btw, his Instagram account is worth checking out too, where he demonstrates some of his production techniques now and then. Cool stuff.

The Stupid Experts – Ctrl S

A lovely, classic progressive house feel on this one. Dark and bassy synths rolling over us, dragging us with them into the grande scenes of the massive soundscape.

Pushing and pushing, slowly progressing towards climax. As real progressive house should do.

All three are added to our dark, deep and properly progressive Spotify playlist, “The Progressive Underground”. It’s worth giving quite a few spins.
In fact, why not just add it to your collection of playlists right away?