Thursday Deep Dive

Here’s two recent Deep House finds, one from a spanking new name on the scene, and one from an experienced rascal. And both are equally play-worthy. Of course.

Martins Hundred – Lidia

We’re off to the other side of the pond to the US of A, there we find a guy I would presume is named Martin, and his newest single Lidia.

Judging from his Spotify profile this is a new artist largely unknown on the Deep House scene, with his four singles all released this year. And that’s always cool to discover!

What he delivers here is a track with a deep groove, solid progression and a good promise of what to come. We should keep an eye on this artist – I sure look forward to hear what lies ahead!

Kevin McKay ft Rozie Gyems – Pearls

Slightly more upbeat, this next one from the experienced British producer (and head of the Glasgow Underground label) Kevin McKay. More bouncy. Brighter. But still deep.

And when the vocals enters the soundscape – well then we are deep into epic club vibes.

Interestingly though, I’m not really a fan of vocals in my deep house as it too often tips the production too far over to the mainstream side of things.

But here? Perfect. Just perfect.

Both tracks are added to our deeper than ever Spotify playlist titled “the Deep Lounge”, where only our favourites amongst the deepest house releases are collected as we discover them.