Wednesday Wilderness: Time to get dirty again

With me expanding the scope of this blog to also embrace the milder genres of nu jazz and the likes, it’s easy to suspect that I’ve grown softer with age.

But I’ve not. Here’s three fantastically gritty, ugly, monstrous new releases on the Techno scene!

58918012 – Endless (techno mix)

So how about this for gritty, uncompromisingly minimal techno madness? We already know 58918012 from his ambient works, and yet again he proves how he really are able to unstrap himself from all conventional restrains.

And even though this is not exactly accessible – or maybe exactly because of that – you can’t deny that this is just a ridiculously cool track?

Arne Over – Titanium (Original Mix)

Next up, a tehno slammer of perhaps a more conventional character, but nonetheless hammering like a rabies beridden creature from the darkest bunkers.

And I gotta love the arrangement on this track. Just as it sounds like it’s on the way to tip over to a dangerously cheesy thing in the breaks, it just so totally ditch that idea and go completely mental on us instead. And that prolonged break towards the end there?

Yeah. This is dynamite.

Noizinski – Obsessions

The last one is strictly speaking more over on the electro side of things, but I found it techno enough to add it to this session.

A dark, tight atmosphere is continued here – and with a bass to die for. Or kill for – depending on where you are in the techno food chain.

I mean – LISTEN to that mother. This is ammunition for the underground dance floor!

Arne Over is not on Spotify – that’s how underground he is – but the other two are added to our Spotify playlist “THIS is techno”, where only the grittiest, darkest and most monstrous techno creatures are gathered.