Ambient Universe #44

Sci-fi vibes. Regular readers knows it doesn’t take many bleeps and drones for me to brighten up. And here’s four tracks that took my imagination way out there.
In fact, while listening to these a story were formed in my mind!

A story that starts here:

The Apollo Experiment – Rising Waters

We are located on a distant planet now, think Star Wars style scenery, in the center of a closed market square. No other individuals in sight. Winds of dust and debris filling the air.

Where did we come from? Where are we heading? Why are we here?
I’m not sure. But we need to get inside. The acid storms are coming.

Lil Bunnie Ruru – Meditate

… so we rush across the barren, seemingly lifeless village until we find an open gate, broken and barely holding together.
As we enter our shelter a massive hallway unfolds with luminescent drawings covering the walls and ceiling, filling the space with a tender, pulsating blue light.

A circular stairway leads up to a second floor. We climb it, cautiously.

Raymond Yan – Updraft

The contrasts from the ground floor is striking as we enter the next floor, an indoor space that reminice a well kept park. Trees and plants of all size and colour, but neatly organized in an apparent structured pattern. By whom?

Our curiosity is woke, and we start seeking for clues.

NOW – Reach

The walls and floors abruptly change shape to their regular form as we are taken out of the virtual projection. Our break is over, we are back on our spaceship and must return to our daily checklist of maintainance routines.

Not that it is needed. The ship can handle itself much better than we can. The tasks are there merely for us to keep our sanity in the seemingly endless amount of time spent until we reach our destination.
A planet never before explored, with proven indications of a non-communative lifeform.

We do our tasks, and head to the social hub of the ship. Our only other travel companion are sitting there, playing on her grandfathers guitar, letting her mind drift back to times more simple. More human.
The time before the fall.

These tracks are added to our really quite amazing Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe”, where we collect only the finest tracks for our fellow space travellers.