Ambient Universe #47 – midweek special

There’s so much great ambient releases coming out these days, so I see the need of adding an extra day on my ambient blog schedule. Here’s three that are quite different from each other, but sharing a great vibe of harmony and wonder.

Bending Time – A Promise to Return

Lovely, hollow pads aplenty, in slowly evolving harmonics. Yeah, this is one massive space travel. We’re so deep in space now that I doubt we’ll ever make it back.

But I don’t care. Let’s go see strange new worlds, seek out new civilizations!

Josué Parrilla – Being

An orchestral experience awaits you in this next entry, from the Spanish ambient artist Parrilla. A gorgeous, large scenery unfolds, harmonic and colourful.

To be honest – and as regular readers probably will know – this is actually not a kind of ambient I usually pick. Too melodic, too “classic ambient”. But there was something about this track that made me stop and listen. And take it with me, to present it to you.

Ischia – My Love Was Never Enough For You (And I Loved You For That)

This track sounds like a time travel. Literary speaking – the reversed sounds gives me the mental image of going back in time. There’s also a layer of lowfi processing on it all that contributes so elegantly to the imagery of time travel.

Wonderfully experimental, and really well executed.

All three are found on our excellent Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe” where we are building the ultimate soundtrack for space travellers.