Breaking The Records – one beat at a time

I have to admit – it’s not often I come across good breakbeat nowadays. Tracks with the vibe I’m after. So the more fun it gets when I can offer you a new trio of breaks. And these three are monsters!

Maces – Patch#03

Properly dramatic opening of this session, all thanks to Maces from Germany. Classic balls-to-the-walls breakbeat with plenty recognisable samples and the vibe of Prodigy lurking in the shadows here.

A rock solid track with roots all the way back to the haydays of the 90s.

Monikaze – Go Away

Next up is a pretty unique track. This sounds like nothing I’ve heard before.

Let’s be frank here, as muh as we love things goind out of the ordinary, typically when one experiment “too much” on a dancefloor-related genre it tends to lose some of the floor appeal in the process. And while Monikaze (Lithuania) really do push it here, the floor appeal is still insanely present here. I mean, listen to this one as it evolves throughout the track.

It’s just mad catchy!

Oh, and surely this must be one of the first times we do cover a Lithuanian artist too. Very cool.

No Nice Things – Jump

The thunderous kick on this track is in itself a qualification for being listed here. Damn how the subwoofer shook our offices while playing this one.

Purists will probably claim the the lowest frequencies in fact are mixed a bit too loud here, but stfu. THIS is how a bass should sound in a breaks track. Massive,. gritty, slamming and with no reservations whatsoever.

This is so damn cool I wouldn’t want it any other way.

All three tracks are added to our steadily expanding list of great breakbeat, named “Breaking The Records”. Come join the stuttering and percussive fun of the finest new breaks.