Deep Lounge Monday #2

In my book there’s few ways better to start a week than with a session of new Deep House releases. Here’s three you might consider picking up. I did.

Baltimore Chop – Rain Dub

This one is solid minimal. And with an utterly lovely bass that rolls deep down there, adding meat to the bones of this construction.

As is always the case with music in general but with minimal genres in particular, is that the various components really need to fit well together. They need to form a totality, they need to contribute to the same picture.

As they do here. All parts works together like clockwork, and the result is a really groovy vibe.

Yabé – The Dig In

Playful! That’s one word to describe this next track. A track that cranks up the funky vibe to the max. This one is built to wake up the floor.

The utterly groovy organ synth groovin’, the vocal snippets, the careful arrangement – never bloated, never cheesy – I mean, this is a class act. Well suited to be included in a wide range of house sets, from deep to disco, funky to just plain classic “house”.

Luca Musto – Restless

The vocal snippets continue into the next one, our last track in today’s session. Luca is a German producer with Italian roots who very recently released this groovy little gem. He is an enthusiast of soul, jazz and blues, and I think we can find traces of all those influences in this track. Utterly groovy, with an elegant melodic touch and a quite jazzy piano sprinkled on top.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist, “The Deep Lounge”, where we collect the finest deep grooves as we discover them. And quite frankly – it’s a really good list. Well worth following.