Elevators be damned: Here’s the good stuff

It’s hard to stand out amongst chill tracks. Why? Cause it’s so easy to end up being generic elevator music. Spa fodder. Boooooring.

But here’s three new gorgeous releases that has that unique clubby edge to them that keeps them well out of the elevators and with a standing VIP invitation to all the places worth lounging in.

Ioan – Ibiza Sunsets (Dub Mix)

I just love how this track just never breaks into a house beat, but lingers there in dub heaven and just floaaaats, while gently teasing us. Lovely soundscape. This one could easily have kept going for at least ten minutes without me complaining.

An obvious candidate for a massive DJ set opener, almost reglardess of what genre you’re heading for.

Verdance – Ritual Two

A very unique vibe on this one. Unique atmosphere. A nice blend of a quite deep and underground foundation sprinkled with a melody on top that makes it all so accessible. A melody that, by the way, vagely gave me associations to Crockett’s Theme (Jan Hammer).

And it is this contrasting combination that makes a track that both triggers an urge to dance, as well as sit back and relax. Frustrating? Not at all. Let’s do both!

Uone & Western – Kaos Of Time

… Cause if you weren’t already, you’re sure gonna want to give your feet a light spin with this final track of today. Or at the very least bop your head.

And again, a fanastic atmosphere in this one. Simply so cool. This is cocktail shakin’ feelgood vibe. This is Beach Lounge material.

Also, doesn’t guitars blend quite perfectly with these kind of tracks? I really think so! And this one is damn funky.

All three are found on our smooth sailin’, finger tappin’ and deep lounge chillin’ playlist “Beach Lounge”, where we collect only the tracks that qualifies to be played at our imaginary Beach Club. To be followed.