I Met Her At The Beach Lounge

Not sure where that headline came from, other than being an obvious reference to a classic club hit. But it’s time to head down to our beach lounge again, and take a dip into the well tempered waters of downtempo delights.

And by all means, I wouldn’t mind meeting someone there.

Third Attempt – Transit (Sunrise Remix)

Over the last few years I’ve grown to really really appreciate jazzy elements in my chillout beats. It just adds that perfect extra layer of organic feel.

… And dare I say it? Yes, I do: A house track sounds more intelligent with a dash of jazz sprinkled on top.

OMG. I’m about to turn into a elitist, snobbish jazz nerd. I guess it comes with the trade.

But anyway, this track here is just spot on what I’d play if I were to open a beach lounge. If I could I bloody would, just to put on this particular track.

Ikotu – The Yellow In the Middle

And we’ll continue the jazzy vibes here with the next track, from the UK. More quirky, this one. Low-fidelity vibes. And man how loungy. The kind of lounge where everyone talks with a civilised, low volume about matters of great interest.

And I just so totally dig the soundscape here. Gorgeous sounddesign. Unique. Classic, yet very current. And slighty trippy, right? Sounds like a good evening to me.

Mattr – Angler

So after those intriguing jazz strollers above, I’ll take you to more electronic grounds. Not a trace of jazz to be found here. But god damn how gorgeous the vibes are, that’s going on here. Like sea swells, lazily rolling towards the beach. Exactly like that, actually.

I mean, come on, listen to this one. Hazy, lazy, calm, lovely. One of’em good trips, this one!

All three are residing on our chill list “The Beach Lounge”, where I collect all the tracks I would have played on my beach lounge, had I had one.

Some day, dude. Some day. Just you wait and see.