Techno Time: Pull out the hammers!

Big. Bad. Slamming. Noisy. Dark. Mechanical. Loud. All keywords for what I seek in my techno selections. And here’s two that checks on all marks.

Sam Wolfe – Graveyard March (Warehouse Edit)

A lovely, intense drive here. This is main hall techno. Massive, loud and bigfooted. But – and this is important – it never totally lose all marbles, going all EDM festival cheese on us.

Nope. It just pushes that drive like there’s no end. And we wish there weren’t.

Tineidae – REMIND

And we most definitely stay in the dark underground with this next one, a true techno beauty from Poland. I can’t recall exactly but I do believe this must be the first time we feature Polish techno here on this blog. Cool.

Slams like a sledgehammer on speed, with massive pads creating a hysterical, almost scary atmosphere. Highly dramatic. And gorgeously massive.

This one must sound insaaaaane on a large PA at the right club!

Both tracks are added to our solid techno playlist, “THIS is techno”, where we collect only tracks of this calibre. Well worth to follow.