The Ambient Universe #46

We’re heading out to space. Again. Because after all, the very existence of my ambient playlist was to collect tracks that triggered my imagination to produce grande space scenarios. That’s where it started, and that’s were we’ll stay.

Electrons in Slow Motion – Shaku/Hachi

We’ve visited Romania before here on the blog, and it seems there’s quite the music scene there, at least judging from what i come across!

Here we have a quite abstract, slightly chaotic but very melodical creation, drone based but with lots of movement and drama. Very cinematic vibe, and the metallic and slightly distorted sounds adds a touch of that futuristic vibe that I so often fall for.

Antarctic Wastelands – Departed (feat. The Field Tapes)

We’re off to Honk Kong for this next track. An intriguing work with a fascinating soundscape. The industrial sounding loop rolling in the background triggers a futuristic imagery in my mind, with a very very fragile lead instrumentation that is just so delicate, so elegant.

This is one lovely piece of ambient.

Egopusher – Faint

We’re ending this session back in Europe and Switzerland, where the band Egopusher thrives (I would assume).

And now we’re really setting foot in space (if that’s even possible), this is classic sci-fi soundtrack vibe. As the band themselves describes it, “elements of classicism are combined with retro-sci-fi aesthetics – this material brings to mind a 70 mm print of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Not to mention, thematically these songs also address space travel, its psycho-spiritual side-effects and the perpetual negotiation with the arcane mediated via our technological advancements.”

I’m so totally with ya on every single word there. This is an obvious addition to our Ambient Universe, if I ever saw one.

All three are sitting proudly on top of our ever evolving Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe” where we collect only the best tracks for our fellow space travellers. Happy trippin’.