The Electronica Outskirts #5

The concept of this blog is to bundle 2-3 tracks that has something in common. That’s proven to be particularly difficult when we venture out to the real outskirts of the electronica scene, way out to the hard left of leftfield.

But behold, I think I managed to do so today! Two dark, slightly chaotic pieces with vocals as a driving force. Both properly placed well outside of any form of mainstream, and in each their own ways worth checking out.

Daniiel Filipe – Mood Hopping

This is the kind of works I talk about, when I want to hear truly experimental music. A gorgeous blend of field recordings, harmonics and disharmonics, vocals and melody. Barely holding together as a track, but indeed manages to do so.

Invoking the imagination just like the finest ambient music.

Kyle James McCoy – Uninvited Dinner Guest

We’re definitely increasing the energy level on the next track, by the north american artist Kyle James McCoy.
I get quite retro vibes from this, triggering memories of early 80s acts like Talking Heads.

And equally intriguing.

Both tracks are featured on our Spotify playlist, “The Electronica Outskirts”, where we collect only the most interesting experimental releases as we discover them. This is one list with plenty of surprises, for sure.